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Marketing Your Home

There are 3 factors which need be brought into balance to sell your home … Its Condition … Offering Price, and … Marketing.  As the owner, you control its condition and are the decision maker for its offering price … When I work as your Listing Realtor, I executes the marketing effort. If you’re like most home owners … It’s likely that you could use some help on at least 1 of these 3 factors. Since you’re thinking about selling … They’re going to be very important to your success.

Condition … When a prospect views your home … They perceive a sense of its condition. A prospect’s perception of its Condition, colors their impression of your home and its relative value to them. Great Condition can stimulate their desire and impact the price they might be willing to buy it for. Normally, favorable conditions fuel the resale process. Usually the 1st help I’m able provide is to look over your home and advise on potential improvements that could produce a good financial return. So … Since you’re thinking about selling your home … Call me … Let’s start the process by optimizing where you apply resources to improve its condition.

Pricing … The price that your home will actually bring on the resale market is not a function of what you bought it for … Rather … It’s what a buyer would be willing to pay for it today. It should be somewhat in-line with recent sales in your neighborhood and current market trends. Too high of an asking price will reduce buyer traffic and discourage prospects who might otherwise have been very interested in buying your home. My Free Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) will help us view neighborhood home prices through the same lens that Buyer’s Agents will use with their clients. So … Let’s look at the data, figure out the best strategy and then price it to sell.

Marketing … The more effective the marketing … The faster your home will sell and the higher its price can be. The greater the number of prospects who know that your home’s for sale, and the more they know about it … the higher the likelihood that it will sell quickly. To achieve a good volume of prospects, marketing needs to focus on Out-of-town … as well as Local … Buyers. Plus … Since over 90% of the home sales in our area involve Realtors serving in a Buyer’s Agent role … Success requires helping Buyer’s Agents introduce your home to their Clients.

If you'd like me to talk about having me help sell your home ... Just click on Contact Pete

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