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Our Special Efforts Make for Quick Sales

Out-of-town Buyers usually make a trip to our area specifically to buy a home. When they come … They’re normally on a tight schedule with a purchase deadline and price range in mind. They’re likely to visit your home on a pre-selected tour of homes. Attracting them generally requires broadcasting information that they (or their Buyer’s Agent) will use to pre-select your home for inclusion in their tour. It also involves predisposing local Realtors (Buyer’s Agents) to show your home.

Local Buyers, on the other hand, tend to shop during their free time … And if they’re methodical … Tend to pre-select neighborhoods before searching through individual homes. Serious local Buyers have their Buyer’s Agent alert them when specific types of homes come on the market in neighborhoods that they’ve pre-selected. They also constantly gather information to help target and refine their search. So it’s very important to feed them information … The more information the better.

My marketing approach is tailored to reach both types of buyers by aiding their search … We live in an information rich society … Buyers expect to be able to access information about your home, promptly and at a time that’s convenient for them. That’s why I advocate starting with our Customized Marketing System and tailoring it to fit your individual situation.

Most buyers are on the lookout for data about Communities … Homes … and Financing. We make it a point to feed these information urges. Think about your own case … How did you search for your current home? What information are you looking for about your next home? How are you going about finding it?

If you’re not looking locally … You might start your home search on the Internet. So we make sure that your home is advertised on the Internet in, and a host of other WEB sites. To catch buyers who surf the net by geographic area … We will Feature Your Home on a whole series of Northern Virginia WEB sites like Fairfax-County-Area, Loudoun-County-Area, Reston-Area, Get-Moved, and our specialty Lake, Town Center and Condo oriented sites.  

If you'd like to view a sample, 'click' on the Featured Home Link located at the lower half of this site's 'Home' page.  When you give our Featured Home a 'click', you'll note that we also offer financing information for a number of alternatives.  We make it a practice to feed Buyers' needs for information with our rapidly updated Web sites.

Doing a Great job of providing information via the WEB is predicated on building a sound base of information about your home in the local Multiple Information System (MLS). In our area, the MLS is called the Metropolitan Regional Information System (MRIS). It’s a networked central database which covers Northern VA, DC and most of Maryland. It contains pictures, map locations, factual and informational text and County Tax Record data. MRIS carries online Realtor access to the last 11 years worth of Realtor resale offerings. So … If you bought your home in 1995 or later … That transaction can be viewed in MRIS.

Most of the data made available by MRIS is actually placed there by the Listing Realtor. MRIS is the primary data source used by Buyer’s Agents to cull out and then present information to their clients. It’s also the driving force behind the consumer searchable data made available in and other Homes Databases. So it’s very important that it be complete, accurate, and enticing. Ask me to show you some of my listings in MRIS and  You’ll be surprised at the data that’s available … And I’ll have a chance to show you the great job I’ll do as your Listing Realtor.

Let’s talk for a minute about some of the special marketing features I will use to help sell your home. Let’s start with financing … I work with a lender to develop specific financing information for your home. We want prospects to realize that it’s possible to purchase your home with a desirable loan. Loans with features like … Very low down payments … Very Low monthly payments or … Loans without mortgage insurance. Giving buyers specific loan information about your home, helps make it seem more affordable than other homes.

One of the unique things I do is create an individual Web Page about your home and make it available to buyers 24 hours a day on my geographic Web Sites. I use the Web to focus on the best features of your home and stimulate emotional interest … I make lots of pictures, text material, a map and tailored loan information about your home available right from the start of our marketing effort.

I always mention the Web Page in the MRIS listing for your home. And I showcase your home in with extra pictures and special banners that offer users the other Web Page data … That way an Internet user who’s located in Alaska or Falls Church can get their hands on interesting detail about your home 24 hours a day. The more they learn … The more likely they’ll ask their Buyer’s Agent to show them your home.

The list of things that I’m willing to do to help sell your home goes on and on. I’ve designed my services to get the job done, and exceed your expectations. So … Contact me and let’s get together to see how I can help you get the job done! 

If you'd like to contact me ... Just click on Contact Pete 

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